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Is a registered company?

Yes. functions under a DTI registered company name, Realty Services.

Do you have a licensed broker?

Yes. is one of the affiliate websites of and is spearheaded by a Philippine Real Estate Broker, Barbara May Temblor, with the PRC Real Estate Broker License No. 2006-014.



What do I need to do when I want to view a property?

Clients, from here and abroad, who wish to view the properties listed in this website are requested to send a notice at least 2 days ahead of time. This is a MUST because we currently have limited resources to accomodate many viewers at once. If you want to schedule a viewing, please contact us.

Can I view as many properties as I want?

As long as you schedule it with us at least 2 days ahead and as long as circumstances permit, we'd say yes.

How many properties can I view in a day?

Normally, if the properties are within one city or town, an average of 5 properties can be viewed in a day. It's a different circumstance when properties are located from one town to the other. It really depends on the distance of one property to the other. We will advice you on this matter, though.

What is your schedule for viewing?

Mondays through Saturdays, 8AM through 5PM UTC + 8 (PHT). Please inform us at least 2 days ahead of time.



What do I do to get my property listed on

We are very happy to list your property on our website!

To successfully list your property on, please send us the following:

1. Pictures (high resolution and clear pictures are suggested)
2. Details that apply to your property, such as:
  • Lot area
  • Floor area
  • Frontage
  • Property type (residential / commercial / etc.)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of toilets and baths
  • Location/Complete Address
  • Map
  • Interior description
  • Exterior description
  • Construction details (year constructed / materials used / etc.)
  • Condition (new / renovated / etc.)
  • Utilities
  • Amenities
  • Special features
  • Garage details
  • Community features
  • Other information (status of title, status of property, etc.)

Our email is

How much does it cost to advertise with you?

For information regarding advertising rates, please feel free to contact us.



Do you take calls beyond your office hours?

Unfortunately, we normally don't. Please take note that we only take and make calls during our Philippine office hours, that is 8AM through 5PM UTC + 8, Mondays through Saturdays.

However, for inquiries, we prefer an email instead of a call, especially for first time inquirers.

Do you have any advice on a successful inquiry?

Yes, we do. To be able to receive a satisfying response from us, we would sorely need the following info:

1. Property code (a MUST). The property code can be found beside the property title, like this:
property code
2. Your name
3. Your contact details
OPTIONAL: 4. The time and day you want us to call you back. Please take note that we only take and make calls during our Philippine office hours, that is 8AM through 5PM UTC + 8, Mondays through Saturdays.



What time is it in Bacolod?

This is a live clock:

What is the time zone in the Philippines?

It's UTC + 8 hours.
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