Bacolod /ˌbɒˈkoʊləd/ (Hiligaynon language: Dakbanwa sang Bacolod, Tagalog: Lungsod ng Bacolod) is a city in the Philippines. It is the capital of the province of Negros Occidental. Having a total of 511,820 inhabitants as of 2010, it is the most populous city in Western Visayas and the 17th most populous city of the Philippines. It is part of the Bacolod Metropolitan Area, which also includes the cities of Silay and Talisay. It is notable for its MassKara Festival held during the 3rd week of October. Known for being a relatively friendly city, it bears the nickname "City of Smiles". In 2008, Bacolod ranked number 1 in a survey by MoneySense Magazine as the "Best Place to Live in the Philippines". The city has also been declared by the Department of Science and Technology as a "center of excellence" for information technology and business process management operations.

Masskara Festival
MassKara Festival held during the 3rd week of October



Bacolod City is politically subdivided into 61 barangays:

Alangilan Alijis Banago
Barangay 1 (Población)
Barangay 2 (Población)
Barangay 3 (Población)
Barangay 4 (Población)
Barangay 5 (Población)
Barangay 6 (Población)
Barangay 7 (Población)
Barangay 8 (Población)
Barangay 9 (Población)
Barangay 10 (Población)
Barangay 11 (Población)
Barangay 12 (Población)
Barangay 13 (Población)
Barangay 14 (Población)
Barangay 15 (Población)
Barangay 16 (Población)
Barangay 17 (Población)
Barangay 18 (Población)
Barangay 19 (Población)
Barangay 20 (Población)
Barangay 21 (Población)
Barangay 22 (Población)
Barangay 23 (Población)
Barangay 24 (Población)
Barangay 25 (Población)
Barangay 26 (Población)
Barangay 27 (Población)
Barangay 28 (Población)
Barangay 29 (Población)
Barangay 30 (Población)
Barangay 31 (Población)
Barangay 32 (Población)
Barangay 33 (Población)
Barangay 34 (Población)
Barangay 35 (Población)
Barangay 36 (Población)
Barangay 37 (Población)
Barangay 38 (Población)
Barangay 39 (Población)
Barangay 40 (Población)
Barangay 41 (Población)
Punta Taytay
Vista Alegre






Bacolod-Silay International Airport

The Bacolod-Silay International Airport, located in nearby Silay City, is 15 kilometers north-east from Bacolod. The P4.37-billion airport is capable of handling all-weather and night-landing operations. Its 2,000-meter (6,600 ft.) long and 45-meter (148 ft.) wide primary runway, and 678-meter by 23-meter taxiways can accommodate Airbus A320 family-size aircraft, and the Boeing 737, while the apron can hold five aircraft at any one time. The runway runs in a direction of 03°/21°. Provisions for a 500-meter (1,600 ft) expansion of the present runway in order to accommodate even larger aircraft like the Airbus A330, Airbus A340 and Boeing 747 are in place. Bacolod is 1 hour by air from Manila, 30 minutes by air from Cebu and 1 hour by air from Cagayan de Oro. Commercial airlines operating in Bacolod are Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, PAL Express, Zest Airways and South East Asian Airlines.

Bacolod City Domestic Airport

Bacolod City Domestic Airport was the airport serving the general area of Bacolod. It was one of the busiest airports in the Western Visayas region and was one of four trunkline airports, or major commercial domestic airports, in the region, the others being Mandurriao Airport in Iloilo City, Roxas Airport in Roxas City and Puerto Princesa Airport in Puerto Princesa. This airport was replaced by the new Bacolod-Silay International Airport, located in nearby Silay City. It was classified as such by the Air Transportation Office, a body of the Department of Transportation and Communications that is responsible for the operations of all other airports in the Philippines except the major international airports. The Bacolod City Domestic Airport ceased operations on January 17, 2008, prior to the opening of the Bacolod-Silay International Airport which began operations the day after.[37] Ports Banago Wharf and BREDCO Port are the vessels entry point in Bacolod. It has daily access to Iloilo, with different shipping lines such as 2GO Travel (as relaunched in 2012), Weesam Express, Ocean Jet, Montenegro Lines, Jomalia Shipping and Tri Star megalink. There are also access routes to Puerto Princesa City via Iloilo City, Cagayan de Oro City, General Santos City, Zamboanga City, Cotabato City, Butuan City via Cagayan de Oro route, Dipolog City Iligan City, Ozamiz City, and Surigao City via Cagayan de Oro route. As of 2012 SuperFerry and Negros Navigation was relaunched into 2GO Travel routes from Bacolod going Manila, Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro. Bacolod City is 18–23 hours from the Port of Manila, 2-3hrs from Dumangas Port and 45 minutes- 1hr from the Port of Iloilo.

Land routes

Bacolod City has two main roads, Lacson Street to the north and Araneta Street to the south. The city has a good traffic plan lay-out and very seldom has traffic jams. The streets in the downtown area are one way, making Bacolod free from traffic congestion. Recently, Bacolod City is experiencing an increase in traffic congestion due to an increase in number of vehicles and a perceived lack of implementation of traffic rules by the local government.[38] By land-RORO-land, Bacolod City is approximately 3 hours from Iloilo City via Dumangas route. By land-ferry-land, Bacolod City is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes from Cebu City via Toledo City-San Carlos City-Salvador Benedicto-Murcia route. By land-RORO-land, Bacolod City-Cebu City via Toledo-Escalante route is approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes or via Mabinay or Canlaon going Cebu City and from Bacolod City-Dumaguete City via Mabinay route is approximately 6 hours and while from Bacolod City-Dumaguete City via Cadiz City-San Carlos City route is approximately 8 hours both routes going Negros Oriental.



San Sebastian Cathedral Mambukal Mountain Resort
Negros Museum Ubong Cave
Bacolod City Domestic Airport Laguerta home of the vintage glasses museum
SM City Bacolod Butterfly Sanctuary at Mambukal Resort
Bacolod Public Plaza Dizon-Ramos Museum
Hofilena Ancestral House Museum Negrense de La Salle
Balay Negrense Bat Sanctuary
Capitol Park and Lagoon Panaad Stadium
Bacolod Silay International Airport New Government Center
Guimaras Salvacion Cave
Barangay Sang Virgen Chapel Hagdanan Cave
North Negros National Park New Government Center
St. Michael the Archangel Church Panaad Stadium
Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Center Museum Negrense de La Salle
ANP Negros Showroom  




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